I'm NOT Like Other Books (Author Signed Copy)

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  • I'm NOT Like Other Books (Author Signed Copy)

The grown-ups want to know why you should read this book. Is it educational? Will it help you learn important social skills? Will it inspire you to become a better person? Sloth, Narwhal and Seal are determined to figure out this book’s purpose. The problem is, it’s NOT like other books. Will this silly trio succeed on their mission, or will the purpose of this book forever remain a mystery?

One thing is certain, the book isn't helping them figure anything out...

I’m NOT Like Other Books is a witty and fun book for young readers that will also humor the grown-ups. This tale is suggested for ages 7 and up. However, readers of all ages will be charmed by the lively illustrations and laugh out loud at Sloth, Narwhal, and Seal’s amusing high jinks. This delightful tale is sure to make even the crankiest of curmudgeon’s crack a smile.

Each copy will come with a silly sloth on potty sticker. (While supplies last.)